4 Warning Signs That Your Content Sucks (And how to fix it)

Have you ever wondered why people come to your site? Or better yet why they leave it? The simple answer to both these questions may be “Because of your articles, blogs, thoughts, and even rants”. The internet is a wonderful thing, it gives a voice to anyone smart enough to hit the “on” switch. Putting up a […]

Google Finally Publishes Its Search Quality Ratings Guidelines

Well it’s only taken 15 years or so, but Google finally published their Search Quality Ratings Guidelines for  Webmasters. Nice to see them make an attempt at some transparency. This along with their nice Infographic on “How Search Works” seems to be a nice push by google to cleaning up some of the serious grey areas of their search ranking questions. As […]

How Safe Is Your Search Rankings?

You’ve worked hard to get your website ranking well, and traffic is growing. You like your position in the SERP’s, you have some solid backlinks, and your hard work has paid off! Unfortunately, you hard work isn’t over, in fact it’s hard to maintain rankings once you are there. The reason is simple, when you […]

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Election and Social Media

Well no matter who you voted for, if you are into marketing and user metrics, then the 2012 Presidential Election with Obama vs Romney was a sight to see. In 2008 The Obama Campaign Machine showed the world the power of social media, the power of text messages, and of course how to use these to win […]

Simple Split Testing

It took me a long time to get into the habit of split testing things, to me it’s one of the buzz phrases that I use to roll my eyes at. After all, I thought I knew the market better than most people, and I foolishly thought I didn’t need to split test everything. But slowly I […]

NFL Betting Picks – Marketing Case Study

One of my favorite things about being in the IM/Affiliate Marketing Industry is that I get to met a lot of great people throughout the industry. With that, I also have the pleasure of getting to dive into the sites of friends of mine (Without Pissing Them Off) – So last week I had a conversation with […]

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